Newer means of monetization and adoption of digital advertising channels are the need of the hour. WRP Solution, with its deep understanding of the Media and Entertainment industry, offers effective technology solutions and services to help media organizations generate more revenue, better engaging their audiences to gain a competitive advantage.

The entertainment business (books, film and music) was among the first to be disrupted by digital. In fact, pioneering digital native companies took the high ground by applying Code Halo thinking to better target and understand consumer tastes and preferences by decoding meaning from digital fingerprints left by their every interaction and transaction on their websites and across social media. The video highlights the opportunity–a potential revenue increase of between 7% to 15%–for entertainment and media companies willing to address various challenges posed by Code Halo thinking, such as finding the right skills and extracting real value from the masses of data available.

The speed and nature of change facing the industry, driven by the rapid evolution in both consumer technology and behavior, has left many playing catch-up. Some have managed the disruption well—others are struggling to define and re-engineer their businesses to meet this new demand. The insight that we have gained working with some of the largest players in the business, plus our extensive industry know-how, fuels our ability to innovate across the entire digital supply chain.